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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  August 11, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ >> thank you for tuning in. welcome to a new -- brand new edition of the program that presents different faces and educated stories on taiwan. i am your host. early in this year, the republic of korea made history by
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electing the first female president due to the presidency. on today's program, we are delighted to have the special assistant to madam park with her presidential ban pain, currently a visiting professor of the department of korean language in south korea but, to talk about the state of those relations. welcome to the program, doctor. south korean people elected the first female president there. can you tell us a little bit about the campaign? what were the factors that led to the victory? >> thank you, i am honored to be
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with you today. >> it is a delight to have you here. >> regarding my title, special assistant, i think it is a long story to tell you. actually, i was teaching in mainland china for eight years. >> ok. >> last year in june i left my job in china and i came back to tie line. -- taiwan, mainly for writing a book about madam [indiscernible] so, this is a challenge for me.
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i am very lucky that i can write a book about it. as you know, i am a student who studies the president. i base that on the ideas of her father to write this book. so, right now many koreans think she is so like her father.
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how come so many koreans say the same thing? just like me in this book. how are you? you know, in chinese. [speaking chinese] so, published just before the election, this is a book about the early first birthday until she became the president of korea.
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it concludes 5 with a more than 170 pictures. i think it is a very typical book and many people ask me, how come you find so many pictures? i can say that the pictures are very, very valuable pictures. >> how long have you known madame part? before the campaign you met and got to know each other and then you became her special
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assistant. >> in 2003 i think i met her once. we had dinner the other. and then at that time she gave me a deeper impression about her. she said to me that she sleeps only three or four hours per day. she says she has to exercise every day. with three fingers.
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you know. it is a kind of hand stan with three fingers. it is a very difficult exercise. she told me that she has to keep the good health, so she has to practice exercising every day with the three fingers. >> as i said, a lot of people were surprised that the south korean people would elect their first female president. what were some of the factors that led to her victory? for example, her campaign against corruption, businesses that are too big, speaking out in support of smaller and more medium-sized enterprises in korea. are those some of the factors
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that resulted in her victory? >> well, that is something. i can point out -- please -- >> please. >> three factors. the first is that she has the personal history. it is very different from other presidential candidates. she lived there for 18 years. all the way through. from seven until 29, from 9 until 27 years. this is a very important one to point out. you know.
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every day she has the chance to meet parents. her father, her mother, tell her about domestic and international affairs. so, she learns a lot from her parents. already. you know? second, you know, she always with -- always the fundamental voter former parent reputation. you know, she keeps 40% of supporters before the election continually. that is very, very typical from
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other candidates. 40% of voters, supporters, this is a very concrete number that supports her in the election. third, as you said before, she got the support for korean females. you know, korea has a population of 40 billion. females. females, almost half of them are females.
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so, this election, i think the korean females very strongly support her to be a female president. in the past, if we look into the korean political history, we can see that there are 10 presidents, but they are all male. six of them are corrupt presidents. six of them are corrupt presidents. >> we have about one minute left. were you surprised by her victory? >> i do not think so.
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correa should sweep out the corrupted presences. >> we need to take the first break on the program and when we come back we will continue our conversation with the visiting professor from the department of korean language from south korea. we will see him in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back to the second segment of today's program on " tie 1 outlook." and we continue our discussion with the special assistant and
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currently a visiting professor at the part of korean language. what were some of the challenges that you saw in president park's first term in office? for example, economic challenge? dealing with a hostile, unpredictable north korea? >> she will face many challenges in her term. i think. as you said. economic problems of the most serious. this is a very complicated problem to solve. internally or extra early this
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is a problem. not only is this a domestic economic, you have to see the international situation and, you tell, what happened in the world. she wanted to follow her father's idea, to make a new history in korea. it is very difficult, the economic problem. she faces many problems until
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now. you tell, secondly she faces the north korea problem with nuclear weapon threats from north korea. you know she does visited the united states of america and has good cooperation with president obama. i think this is something. but you know, between south and north korea, there are already fighting for 68. this is a long time ago. this is not a new game. this is an old game where they
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fight each other. so, she proposed that north korea would have a meeting that north korea already rejected. so, we have to see how to solve this problem. the third delay, just like taiwan, the vppp party. you know, in correa we had this kind of problem. this was more complicated, i think, you know?
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the opposition party wanted to talk with north korea, but in taiwan by said it was against talking witmen in china. it is quite different, of course. >> we have read reports that president park has had personal relationships with many in taiwan, yourself included, of course. would you mind discussing some of your personal ties? >> this is a story that we have to trace back to her father's stage. no, 1966, i think it was february that the former president's and madame visited taiwan.
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at that time we say that they invited the guest to the ship, so at that time we can say that we are brothers and sisters and, you know, they intimated a close contacts between taiwan and south korea, but as you see, it is quite different now. it is a big change for us to face. he has four doctorate degrees from korea and abroad. you know, it is interesting to
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note that the chinese cultural university gave her a degree in 1987. so, you know, the four degrees, doctorate degrees, only the first one offered by the taiwan university. the rest of the three doctorate degrees are all from korean universities. so, you know, it is happy to
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know that she has, the president, she has some things in mind for the university. during the ceremony she invited the board chairman of the university to attend. this is a barry special relationship. during the five terms of
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assembly in korea, she has several times been invited by mr. -- minister. if she has any special thoughts in her mind, it would help to look over to the international political constance. it is quite different, you know. >> china and south korea both have new leaders. how good you think relationship will be between the countries?
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>> preferring to call us free china instead of tie 1. korean newspapers, they still say this. saying that she prefers to call us free china. exit -- >> is it until today? >> it is different. >> how is it different?
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how will the relationship be different? >> i think at least we have -- we can tell koreans what happened, we have a big change. i think the correa still worries about political issues. if you want to talk about the political issues, maybe the korean government rejected us or will reject us, but despite these political issues, they say okay, economical, cultural, sports, anything we can talk, we
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can cooperate with each other. we have to let the koreans know what has happened between mainland china and taiwan. we have to tell the of and say -- please, do not worry. we have good relations with china right now. >> all right, good. we need to take another break and will be right back.
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>> welcome back to this part of the program here on "tie 1 outlook." we will continue our discussion with the doctor and special assistant to president park do not wish -- who was running for
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the presidency in south korea. we know that upon learning of the election, they would like to enhance regional stability, security, and prosperity, along with the persistent participation of the countries in northeast asia. what is the role the two can see them play in that regard? >> i am sure that they have heard the message. clearly we have between myself
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and the president they have no good relations until now. as far as i know, they do not know each other. security in northeast asia, this is a good idea. what i told before, politically, they will not accept this right away. she will see the reflection from china. then she will take action.
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right now i do not think that anything happened. >> is there an impact in terms of how they view the relationship? >> yes, i am sure. this is the most important affect, you know, if we have a big change between taiwan and the mainland, china, adding that taiwan and korea and the relationship will be changed. >> one thing that we know that is very important for the relationship between korea and
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taiwan is trade economics. we understand the in the year of 2011 it was over 30 billion u.s. dollars. we would like to see the trade in the investment relationship continue to grow and expand. how do you think those economies can help? instead of talking about competition all the time, but maybe also in the future they can cooperate together. >> you are right. i think that they are very correct. and there is an increase now.
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it is very slow. there is new cooperation to find out one thing. it is a true complex. south korea needs to attract foreign investments, investors to join in ventures with korean businessmen. these are small and medium-sized enterprises. i think that the taiwan government should inform our businessmen to have a chance to
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cooperate with the small and medium businessmen and go over the industrial complex. they have joined this corporation. >> we understand that south korea in recent years has been very aggressive and successful in terms of competing -- completing free trade agreements with a number of major trading partners, for example the united states, that took place on march 15 of last year. what would you call the likelihood of some kind of free trade pact? country to country? if we could negotiate something
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like a free trade pact, which would allow free flow of capital investment and personnel between taiwan and korea, would that be something of a likelihood in the future? how would the two sides try to work out the differences on this issue? >> you pointed out exactly correct that the fta means contract between country and country. if you are going to have diplomatic relations, we it -- we cannot create fta. so, i checked on the internet web site for the minister of foreign affairs in korea. i did it to find out our names on the list.
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so, maybe there is a good chance. for instance, if we signed with singapore or other diplomatic countries, then i think correa -- korea would think about signing the fta with us. right now i think we have to wait and see. >> like i said earlier, it is a sense that a lot of people in taiwan find it to be the same as in korea, looking at each other as competitive because of the success, for example, of korean companies that have really dominated their respective markets from the world. how would you think that maybe
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in the future instead of the economies competing that, you know, because of the size differential, with taiwan being primarily a small enterprises, maybe they can complement each other? what do you think about that? >> that is a difficult question for me. you know, in the past hour economical policy has been to assist smaller and medium-sized enterprises. the president wanted to, you know, to size up the smaller and
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medium-sized enterprises. so, this is her economic policy. so, we have to meet her economic policy. i think that this is more easy for us to cooperate with luciano -- with each other. on the newspaper i saw many taiwanese businessmen who criticized korean businessmen. so, i do not know why is the reason they like to criticize. so, i do not know. maybe it is something where they
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also face a crisis size from the korean people, of course. that is the main reason that president park wants to give some cuttings or wants smaller big companies. now in korea, in those enterprises, they are very hectic in getting assistance from government. >> so, maybe there is room for cooperation in the future. >> i certainly hope so. >> we need to take a final break in the program and we will be right back.
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>> welcome back to the final part of today's program, "tie 1 outlook." we will -- tie 1 -- tie 1 -- thaiwan outlook." we know that there have been a fractional issues between the countries on both sides. there is this sense of, you know, hidden hostility, somewhat, between the sides. a lot of people said that this can be accredited to the issue that the two sides do not have enough understanding of each
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other. we are delighted to learn that there is actually a program available for young time when the students -- taiwanese students to go to south korea to work on holiday. how do you think that enhancing this mutual understanding on both sides will help the two countries explore the opportunities of cooperation and not just talking about competition? >> this is a good idea. a holiday visa system, that is originally designed not only for taiwan, but for other countries. you know, taiwan, the young generation, they like korean
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drama, korean songs, korean music. but this is the one thing, the one thing, i think that in the other way, some taiwanese young people, as far as i now, they were, holiday visa. i do not see that amounts of again people going to korea. the language barrier is one thing, and of the korean style of life, they do not like korean
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food. it is very hot, spicy food for the taiwanese people. there is a renewed effort for working out this program. >> area of a lot of attention is on tourism. the summer months, many people are thinking about where to take the family for vacation. individuals are talking about holiday. their market has developed very well in recent years. what some of the lessons that time one can learn from correa in terms of tourism and
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attracting more and more tourists to taiwan? also, korea. >> surely your happy to know the this is a happy thing to know. but you know, the korean wave, we do not have one and we have this nation. this is a bigger, more attractive place to attract korean tourists. so, we have to have more koreans coming and visiting
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taiwan i think maybe for a golfing tourists. we have the more recent round of 4,000 meters high, these mountains. so, we have an of nature resources, but unfortunately there is a lack of advertising in the tourist areas. also in korea i cannot find some many taiwanese advertising to introduce to koreans.
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in the past we have focused on the big cities. but now we have to change our ways to local places, local cities. that is pretty important. >> doctor, you are probably one of the few people who have had the opportunity of teaching and doing research in taiwan and south korea. how would you think the efforts are being put into place in terms of promoting academic, scholarly exchanges? >> we are steadily, as i tell you, the korean representative
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is the former president of one korean university. the former ambassador to tie 1, a scholar and professor, it was above 13 years ago, long time ago. they had two universities. one is the national, the other is not.
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how come? but people always say we are brotherhood countries. he thinks the koreans do not get respect or consideration for their friends. so, you know, i think we have to change our minds and attitudes to have a new korean friends right now. as you said, the leader is a new leader and we have to find new ways to cooperate with each other. >> we were talking before the
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taping starting -- started and we thought there was a lot of room for private businesses trying to assist some of these academic, scholarly, and sports exchanges. what would be your recommendation and of -- and advice to the business community based on the experiences you have seen? >> you know, i wonder why our businessmen, they do not play -- do not pay much attention to their research. we have 10,000 researchers domestically and internationally. they want to hire so many high-
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tech researchers from all over the world. the institutions for their companies, their businesses. >> finally, what would be some of the more memorable moments in your decades of devotion to the promotion of korean and taiwanese ties? >> because i am i summer potato, i will think of something. first, korean friends.
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they would say to me -- you have so many friends, you send a 300 christmas cards every year. you can be a correa and congressman, this kind of joke. so, this is my experience with having korean friends. >> certainly is a huge plus for the amendments. we want to wish you the best in your future professional and personal endeavors. thank you. we want to thank you for watching the program today. we will see you next time.
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>> along time ago they did not have refrigerators in japan, that is why they invented sushi,
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but there are many classifications that people do not know about. i am here to find out what i am getting when i order sushi. brian is a sushi roller here. what kinds are there, do they look different? >> they do look different. this is mahi, which is rolled up in sushi -- seaweed. then there issashimi, which is just sliced up. and then there is nigiri, which is laid over sushi rice. >> is it all raw? >> some of it is, but there is a lot of cook things. smoked salmon, smoking being a form of cooking. >> can i do this at home? >> we can go ahead and get started. >> surprise me. >> maki is the most popular
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ones. i will make you a to a role. >> the japanese, how do they prepare their fish? >> it is for a much a form of preservation, it was on rice, and would ferment. eventually they started adding vinegar to it. adding to the taste and everything. they created a new way to do it. street food. >> this is what? >> wasabi adds a refreshing spicy kick to it. and this acts as a palette
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cleanser. >> what about the sushi that the flight rice with a piece of fish on top? >> that is called nigiri. i can show you that. >> molded into the shape that we all know? >> part of what sells it to anyone is the way it looks. it is always so extravagant looking, fun to make. that is nigiri. >> any other shapes or presentation styles we should know about? >> when we make sashimi, one of the fun things to do is we will take it and make little shapes, things like this. a little bit of a hook.
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is fun, acute, very involved. making it and presenting it, it almost looks so good that people do not want to eat it. this is one of the main and the only way is i have ever been truly and creatively satisfied. next thing you know, it is three hours from last time. >> that looks good enough to eat. >> good, i am glad. >> when you eat sushi, you should eat it in one bite. also a no-no? do not mix your wasabi in your soy sauce. join me next time and destination cuisine.
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